Ploughing and the Stars

Longley farm has teamed up with Holmfirth videomakers Mediapreview to produce a documentary DVD about the mysterious world of competition ploughing.

Yorkshire farmer and World Champion ploughman John Hill, introduces us to competition ploughing scene in England. We then cross over to Canada for the 60th World Ploughing Championships, where John leads the England Team into battle against rivals from 27 countries - with some very interesting results. The film is absorbing, funny and moving in parts, as we share the triumphs and disappointments of the competitors who have all worked so hard for their place in the sun.

To buy a DVD copy in the UK - £13 inc. p&p

To buy a DVD copy anywhere else - €19 inc. p&p

"Ploughing and the Stars is a fascinating insight into match ploughing. Whether you’re a novice ploughman, champion or someone that’s never even seen a plough before – I’m pretty sure this will appeal".

Tractor & Machinery Magazine

"I thought the DVD was excellent, well produced, good quality and very interesting with the build up to the finals in Canada".

Martin, UK

Watch the three minute trailer: