A New Wind Turbine

The new wind turbine is now up and running just in time for the September FiT deadline of 23rd September 2015. Due to some contractual issues, the turbine installed is a smaller one than originally planned. It is an RRB V27 and is rated at 225kW when running flat out.

RRB Energy is a proven Indian turbine supplier established in 1987. They manufacture a range of Vestas (Denmark) designed turbines as well as some of their own design. The turbine is identical in design to the original Vestas V27, with interchangeable parts. Over 800 RRB V27/29 turbines ahve been sold to date and there are now at least 14 operational in the UK. The turbine has 27m diameter blades and a tip height of 45.45m: within the planning consent height of 46m.

Now that the turbine is in operation and the Feed in Tariff secured, there is a conversation to be had about how the investors want to continue. As this is a smaller turbine than planned, the amount of money available is less than anticipated, so in October or November there will be an OGM to discuss how to proceed.

Although the new turbine has a lower output than anticipated, it will still mean a huge reduction in Longley Farm's carbon emissions and we believe that some sort of community energy scheme will still be able to happen.

Turbine   New Turbine

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