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Recipes using Longley Farm products...

A gingery biscuit centre coated with our delicious Crème Fraîche Lemon & Ginger
A delicious and original way to use our cottage cheese
A heavenly triple layered cake perfect for special occasions
A delicious cake for a special occasion, made by our very own Mandy.
The Slimming Foodie sent us this original pancake recipe, made using our fat free cottage cheese, these pancakes are delicious and healthy!
Fluffy American style pancakes delicious topped with bacon and syrup or banana and honey
The easiest cake possible, which will give first-time success even to those who don't know one end of a wooden spoon from the other. Great for children to bake too!
A deliciously creamy curry, great served with cucumber raita. If you're vegetarian try it with vegetables and chickpeas instead of chicken.
We're often asked about making sugar free yogurts. Our natural yogurt contains lactose which occurs naturally in milk, but no added sugar. One way to limit your sugar intake is to add your own fruit to our natural yogurt. This allows you to control how much sugar you are adding, and also makes a tasty healthy treat!
This recipe was featured in the Bolster Moor Farm Shop Magazine. It makes a delicious lunch for 2 and all the ingredients can be bought at their shop.