Soft Cheese

What's in a name ?

This product is one of our finest, yet still not easily recognised by our customers. The problem is the name. Old British regulations require the use of the name "Soft Cheese" for a product which the public typically know as "Cream Cheese". Some producers get round the problem by using a brand name (for example, "Philly")  whilst others rely on a rectangular shaped pack to tell the story. New regulations are in force from 2017 and we need to see how this situation develops. Perhaps we will go for a name change. Sandwich makers have already made the shift; so when you buy a salmon and cream cheese bagel, the chances are that it is made with a product, which if sold alone, would actually be described as soft cheese. Similarly, the vast majority of cheese cakes are made with soft cheese; even though recipe books call for cream cheese. It's quite common for customers at Longley's shop to buy our cream for a cheese cake  and then say that they will have to go on to the supermarket to buy the cream cheese!