Local Primary School Visit

We love showing people around the Dairy. This July the Terrific Tigers and Wonderful Wolves classes from Hade Edge Primary School came to visit us. They have written a lovely blog about their trip. 


We enjoyed a nice walk in the sunshine down to the dairy and were greeted by the staff. We were given hair nets and jackets to wear, which was very exciting!

We split into groups and were given a guided tour around the dairy. Firstly we went to see all the different fruit that are used in their yoghurt and ice cream products. It was fascinating to see where all the different fruit came from. Then we were able to taste them. Yum!

Fruit TourTasting Fruit
Next we headed over to where the butter is made. We were each given a pot of cream that we had to shake until it turned into butter. This was lots of fun! We really enjoyed tasting the butter.

DIY Butter
After that we went to see yoghurt production line. It was great to see each stage of the packaging process. We enjoyed tasting the different yoghurt flavours and comparing the sweet and sour flavours. 

Packing Yogurt
Finally we went to see where the cream was made and enjoyed trying cream and creme frachice. When we had finished we headed to the fridges and got to pick our own yogurts. What a treat! A big thank you to Longley farm for providing such a wonderful morning for the children. It was lots of fun and we learnt  about how food is made.  

Source: http://www.hadeedgeschool.co.uk/blog/longley-farm

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