Letter from a Lifelong Yogurt Lover

Hi Carla,

I just wanted to write to let Longley Farm know just how much I appreciate your yoghurt!

As a young boy, I remember eating your yoghurts - bought by my Mum, while I was growing up in Huddersfield 35 years ago. Since, a lot has happened. I've travelled long and far, lived abroad and haven't seen much of Yorkshire since.

I came back to the UK 7 years ago and settled in London - I was absolutely blown away one day when my wife turned up with Longley Farm Yoghurt! My favourite raspberry and blueberry flavours to boot!

The taste reminds me so much of being young - the unique flavour, fresh, a little tart but sweet all at the same time - amazing! It hasn't changed one bit. In all my travels eating wonderful yoghurts (especially in Southern Europe), but honestly, none compare to Longley Farm.

So, I am writing ot thank you for years of memories, being a proud products of our great Yorkshire, and of course, for the amazing Yoghurt!


Raspberry YogurtBlueberry Yogurt


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