Holmfirth Fair Trader Shop

Longley Farm has invested in Holmfirth's Fair Trader shop. We support the shop's philosophy of wanting to promote commerce which is fair and ethical. Like them, we want to see farmers, be they overseas or at home, get a fair reward for their efforts. It took a while to track down a supplier of unrefined cane sugar for our yogurt and we were helped in the quest by contacts from the shop. Now, all the sugar used is of Fairtrade origin. Through the shop, we have come across many inspirational stories such as Aura Que's handbags made from recycled leather in Nepal(Laura Queening worked as a student at Longley's)or the coffee from the Ethiopian Oromo Farmers' Cooperative, which is being imported by a dedicated group of refugees based in Ashton-under-Lyne.





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