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As well as competing at the Great Yorkshire Show, this year we also got invited by Asda to come and sample some of our products. We decided to sample one of our less famous products, Fromage Frais, to try and find out what the Great Yorkshire Show-goers thought about it.


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Fromage Frais

One thing we found out was that a lot of people don't know the difference between fromage frais and yogurt. Depending on where you come from in the world, dairy products like fromage frais, quark or thick yogurts were made in cheesecloths or terracotta pots to allow the extra liquid to drain off, giving them a really thick consistency. Nowadays this has developed into a more high-tech process called called ultra-filtration, and this (along with the all-natural ingredients we use) is what makes our fromage frais so thick and creamy, however a similar process is also used to make Greek Style Yogurt, so what's the difference? The answer is in the bugs. Our yogurts and fromage frais are both made using cultures, however certain types of bacteria go into yogurt cultures and others into cheese cultures. The simple answer is that fromage frais is made using a cheese culture rather than a yogurt one, which gives it that slightly different flavour.

Our fruit fromage frais comes in 4 delicious flavours: strawberry, apricot, damson and boysenberry and we've recently updated our recipe so they contain more fruit, making them even more fruity and flavoursome.

What is a boysenberry?


Damson and boysenberry are quite unusual as fromage frais flavours, and another question a lot of people were asking us at the show was 'What is a boysenberry?'

A boysenberry is a cross between 4 berries: raspberry, blackberry, dewberry and loganberry and it takes its name from Rudolph Boysen, who is thought to be one of the original growers. It is quite large for a berry (about 8g) and we think it tastes delicious in our fromage frais. 


Of the people we talked to at the Yorkshire Show, most people gave our fromage frais 4 or 5 out of 5 for flavour and texture, and we had some really lovely comments:

Very nice, creamy and fruity

Lovely - it tastes like fresh strawberries

I don't normally like flavoured fromage frais but I love this one (apricot), I like it as much as ice cream!

With the packaging, some people liked how wide it was because it is easy to add things like fruit, or granola onto the top and easy to get your spoon in.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our fromage frais. Which is your favourite flavour? Do you like the texture and the flavour? What do you think of the packaging? What would you change?

Whether you've never tried it before or you eat a pot a day, we'd love to know what you think, so we've created a short survey (only 8 quick questions!). You can fill it out by following this link

 Any feedback you can give us will be really appreciated, and anyone who fills out the survey and gives us their address will be sent a Calamity Cow badge in the post as a thank you. Alternatively if you prefer to do things the old fashioned way, you can always write to us, give us a bell or drop us an email, details of how to get in touch can be found here:

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