Fat Free Natural Cottage Cheese

Nothing even comes close .

Longley Farm is known for not using artificial additives, colours or preservatives. Staying true to this tradition  means that making a complex dairy product like cottage cheese is not an easy matter. The fact that we do it day after day  puts us way ahead of the best of the rest. It's worth looking at the ingredients' list. Ours is so short that you can't find it whilst alternatives read like a shopping list from hell.  Our ability to make fat-free cottage cheese without falling back on thickeners and stabilisers shows that we have learnt a lot over the last forty years and puts us in a league of our own. Longley Farm fat-free cottage cheese is more than a "fat-free alternative"; it's a product in its own right and is appreciated by a wide public, ranging from cheese lovers to slimmers and body-builders. High in taste and high in protein, word is spreading fast .

Available in the following pot sizes: 
Nutritional information: 
of which sugars2.9g
of which saturates0.2g
NO ADDEDColours, preservatives or stabilisers
SUITABLE FOR Vegetarians, Gluten Free