A Dairy for Dairy Farmers

There's been a lot of unhappy news around the milk market lately, with dairy farmers being particularly squeezed by the global crash in milk prices.

At Longley Farm, we believe that small farming businesses are important, and we need to work with them to keep our farming heritage alive and vibrant. What's more, they are vitally important, as great dairy products depend on great quality milk, which is why we want to maintain long term relationships with our suppliers. So, as long as we have customers who value the Longley Farm brand, we can pass on a decent return for the milk that comes into the dairy.

With all the negative news around milk prices in the press, it was great to hear some positive comments in the Yorkshire Post from one of our farmers, George Fleetwood:

We now sell our milk to Longley Farm in Holmfirth. They've been absolutely brilliant to us. I won't mention the price because it might not be fair on others and we're not trying to be clever but I have to say they are a model dairy for any dairy farmer. They produce added value products and we try our best to fit in with their requirements.

So thank you to George for your kind comments, and to all our farmers for keeping the fresh milk coming in so we can keep sending our cottage cheese out.

Yorkshire Post

To read the full article go to: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/rural/farming/prices-down-but-dairy-makes-a-timely-comeback-at-penistone-show-1-7445285


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