Climate Change & the Ozone Layer

It is certain that some gases, such as CFCs from refrigerators, deplete the ozone layer and allow the passage of harmful ultra-violet rays. There is still a debate about whether or how carbon discharges into the atmosphere might be causing global warming, climate change and rising sea levels. We take the view that it obviously makes sense to make the best use of the earth's resources and minimise the wastes that are thrown into the atmosphere or into landfill. After a project taking three years, Longley Farm has eliminated damaging CFCs and has installed new refrigeration equipment which is significantly more efficient. Reciprocating compressors with computer-controlled variable-speed-drive motors running on ammonia have slashed our carbon footprint and eliminated the risk of CFC leakage.

Longley Farm shares the values of the Transition Town movement and is an active supporter of our local group : HoTT (Holmfirth Transition Town).

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