Boysenberry Fromage Frais

What is a Boysenberry?

They may like how it tastes, but people often ask us what exactly this mysterious fruit is... In fact a boysenberry is a cross between four different fruits: raspberry, blackberry, dewberry and loganberry (which is itself a cross breed!), named after Rudolph Boysen who is thought to be one of the original growers of the fruit. It may seem like the mongrel of the berry world, but it really packs a punch, weighing in at around 8g a berry, its juicy sweet flavour makes it delicious in pies, jams and of course fromage frais!

Available in the following pot sizes: 
Nutritional information: 
Typical values per 100g
of which sugars21.6g
Fat 6.4g
of which saturates4.4g
ADDED INGREDIENTSboysenberries, unrefined cane sugar
NO ADDEDcolour, preservative or stabiliser
SUITABLE FOR Vegetarians, Gluten Free