For the birds

It's not just humans that find our yogurts delicious, people have been getting in touch to tell us how much our furred and feathered friends love them too. 

On the left is Mack the dog enjoying one of our caramel yogurts and on the right Leo, who loves getting to lick the leftovers from the pot. Below is Buckley, with a natural yogurt, Stokie, polishing off a hazelnut and Hugo enjoying the last of a Longley's ice cream. Finally, there's Honey who has been a lifelong fan of our products, especially the yogurt and cottage cheese!

Mack Leo

Buckley Stokie

ice cream



Then there's Taffy, who belongs to our very own Dianne. He loves a spoonful of vanilla yogurt as a treat, as well as our cottage cheese.


Do you have a pet that loves Longley Farm? Send us a picture and we'll feature them here.

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